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Older adults are more easily distracted
While engaged in a physical task requiring effort, such as driving a car or carrying grocery bags, older adults are more likely than younger adults to be distracted by items irrelevant to the task at hand, a University of California, Riverside, study reports. The study assessed the interaction between physical exertion and short-term memory performance when distractors were present or absent in younger and older adults. 
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Older adults may achieve same cognition as undergrads
A set of recent studies demonstrates for the first time that learning multiple new tasks carries benefits for cognition long after the learning has been completed. The finding affirms a long-held assertion of the lead researcher, Rachel Wu, who is an associate professor of psychology at UC Riverside. That is, older adults can learn new tasks and improve their cognition in the process, if they approach learning as a child does.
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Psychologist to lead research on Alzheimer’s in Riverside
UC Riverside study is part of a larger landmark study tracking older adults
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Study of perception and memory in older adults will improve understanding of dementias
UC Riverside scientists will use a $2 million NIH grant to study the brain’s locus coeruleus
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Grant facilitates research on behavioral development and cognitive aging over lifespan
UC Riverside psychologist Chandra Reynolds will lead the five-year research project
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Genetic background may affect adaptions to aging
UC Riverside-led study evaluated individual differences in DNA methylation across 10 years in two Scandinavian samples of same‐sex aging twins
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Experts on aging
  For fast access to experts, email  Aging   Ilana Bennett: Assistant professor of psychology. Effects of healthy aging and dementia on the brain and cognition; learning and memory in aging; neuroimaging markers of aging. Brandon Brown: Associate professor, Center for Healthy Communities: HIV and aging.
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Alzheimer's gene may impact cognition before adulthood
A gene linked to Alzheimer’s disease may impact cognitive health much sooner than previously realized. The APOE gene creates a protein, apolipoprotein E, which packages cholesterol and other fats to transport them through the bloodstream. There are three versions, or alleles, of APOE. One of those is the APOE4 allele, present in about 15% of the population. APOE4 carriers are up to three times more likely to develop late-onset Alzheimer’s disease, which occurs in people 65 and older.
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Study aims to better understand HIV-associated neurocognitive disorders
New NIA funding will expand enrollment of a currently funded study to include people living with HIV
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An old woman covering her face.
Research identifies women’s health issues as they age with HIV
Stigma, depression, and social isolation prevail in study participants
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  Brandon Brown
Depression and social isolation threaten successful aging of people living with HIV
UC Riverside-led study calls for giving more patient-centered care to this population
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