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Our Mission

The UCR Aging Initiative consists of an intellectually diverse collection of researchers interested in the multifaceted effects of aging. Our integrative approach considers aging across many levels of analysis – from molecule to individual to society. We ultimately seek to address the unique needs of older populations in our region.


Our vision is to create a world-class institute on aging on the UCR campus that will be a center of research, educational resource, and hub for the community. To achieve this goal, we have identified the following 3 areas of growth.

Shared resources: Research groups will benefit from access to shared resources such as a database of older adults that are interested in participating in research studies, HIPPA compliant servers for human data, shared colonies of aged animals and tissue banks, shared resources of genetic studies, sharing data and technical equipment across labs, and leveraging computational facilities on campus and across the UC.

Educational programs: Students will benefit from training programs focused on the multifaceted effects of aging. Researchers and students will benefit from seminars and and social events that provide education across specializations and opportunities to build collaborations.

Community engagement: Research groups and the community will benefit equally from building partnerships and engaging in public education on aging. Strengthening such relationships will also contribute to medical, social, and economic development in the region.



We want your input!

The UCR Aging Initiative is undergoing some changes and we want to hear from you. Please take three minutes to share your feedback to help shape the future of our center for healthy aging.

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