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Ilana Bennett

Ilana Bennett, Associate Professor of Psychology

Website: lanilab.ucr.edu

Email: ilana.bennett@ucr.edu





Marcus Kaul

Marcus Kaul, Professor of Biomedical Sciences

Email: marcus.kaul@ucr.edu


UCR Members

Monica Carson

Monica Carson, Chair of Biomedical Sciences

Website: cgni.ucr.edu

Email: monica.carson@ucr.edu





Carlos Cortes

Carlos Cortes, Professor Emeritus of History 

Email: carlos.cortes@ucr.edu





Halle Dimsdale-Zucker

Halle Dimsdale-Zucker, Assistant Professor of Psychology 

Website: hallezucker.com

Email: halle.dimsdale-zucker@ucr.edu





Howard Friedman, Distinguished Professor of Graduate Division 

Website: howardsfriedman.com

Email: howard.friedman@ucr.edu




Thomas Girke

Thomas Girke, Professor of Bioinformatics

Website: girke.bioinformatics.ucr.edu

Email: thomas.girke@ucr.edu



Jia Guo

Jia Guo, Assistant Professor of Bioengineering 

Email: jia.guo@ucr.edu





Xiaoping Hu

Xiaoping Hu, Chair and Professor of Bioengineering 

Email: xiaoping.hu@ucr.edu





Asma Jafri

Asma Jafri, Chair of Family Medicine Residency 

Email: asma.jafri2@ucr.edu





Ryan Julian

Ryan Julian, Professor of Chemistry 

Website: faculty.ucr.edu/~ryanj

Email: ryan.julian@ucr.edu



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Esra Kurum

Esra Kurum, Associate Professor of Statistics 

Website: sites.google.com/site/esrakurum

Email: esra.kurum@ucr.edu





Chioun Lee

Chioun Lee, Associate Professor of Sociology 

Website: chiounlee.com

Email: chioun.lee@ucr.edu




Chioun Lee

Jean-Pyo Lee, Assistant Professor of Biomedical Sciences 

Email: jeanpyo.lee@ucr.edu






Huinan Liu

Huinan Hannah Liu, Professor of Bioengineering

Associate Dean of Student Academic Affairs 

Website: liugroup.ucr.edu

Email: huinan.lie@ucr.edu




David Lo

David Lo, Distinguished Professor of Biomedical Sciences

Senior Associate Dean of Research 

Website: mucosalvaccine.ucr.edu

Email: david.lo@ucr.edu




Joshua Morgan

Joshua Morgan, Assistant Professor of Bioengineering 

Email: joshua.morgan@ucr.edu





Cristina Otegui

Cristina Otegui, Director of UCR Retirement Center 

Website: emeriti-retirees.ucr.edu

Email: cristina.otegui@ucr.edu



Khaleel Razak

Khaleel Razak, Professor of Psychology 

Email: khaleel.abdulrazak@ucr.edu




Chandra Reynolds

Chandra Reynolds, Professor of Psychology 

Website: bbr.ucr.edu

Email: chandra.reynolds@ucr.edu




Aaron Seitz

Aaron Seitz, Professor of Psychology

Website: braingamecenter.ucr.edu

Email: aaron.seitz@ucr.edu




Frances Sladek

Frances Sladek, Professor of Cell Biology

Email: frances.sladek@ucr.edu






Rachel Wu

Rachel Wu, Associate Professor of Psychology 

Website: callalab.com

Email: rachel.wu@ucr.edu





Huimin Zhang

Huimin Zhang, Assistant Professor of Molecular, Cellular, and Systems Biology 

Email: huimin.zhang@ucr.edu






Weiwei Zhang

Weiwei Zhang, Associate Professor of Psychology 

Website: memory.ucr.edu

Email: weiwei.zhang@ucr.edu




Affiliated Members


Shari Fleischman, City of Riverside Commission on Aging







Judith Martinez

Judith Martinez, Alzheimer's Association

Website: alz.org/socal

Email: jemartinez@alz.org






Jeff Taylor, Executive Director of H+ARP

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