Students in Hai lab






Business Administration

BUS 102 Ethics and Law in Business and Society
BUS 112 Consumer Behavior
BUS 115 Marketing Research
BUS 119 Data-Driven Marketing
BUS 121 Employee Benefits
BUS 126 Practical Business Forecasting
BUS 157 Managing Work Force Diversity
BUS 158 Organizations as Cultural Systems
BUS 176 The Sociology of Work in Organizations



PSYC 110 The Brain and Behavior
PSYC 112 Neural Mechanisms of Animal Behavior
PSYC 115 Drugs and Behavior
PSYC 117 Cognitive Neuroscience of Memory and…
PSYC 120 Cellular Neuroscience: Membrane and…
PSYC 121 Developmental Neuroscience
PSYC 122 Human Neuroimaging
PSYC 122L Human Neuroimaging Laboratory
PSYC 124 Systems Neuroscience
PSYC 125 Neuropharmacology
PSYC 126 Neuroscience of Learning and Memory
PSYC 127 Behavioral Control Systems
PSYC 128 Language and the Brain
PSYC 129 Human Neuropsychology
PSYC 131 Computational and Mathematical Models…
PSYC 133 Human Factors
PSYC 134 Cognitive Processes
PSYC 135 Psycholinguistics
PSYC 149 The Science of Well-Being
PSYC 152 Abnormal Psychology
PSYC 160 Life Span Development
PSYC 162 Biological Issues in Development
PSYC 163 Cognitive Development
PSYC 165A The Cultural Bases of Human…
PSYC 166D Adulthood and Aging
PSYC 171 Psychology of Gender
PSYC 178 Health Psychology
PSYC 179 Health and Behavior Change

Cell Biology & Neuroscience

CBNS 116 Human Neuroanatomy: Structure-Function…
CBNS 120 Cellular Neuroscience: Membrane and…
CBNS 121 Developmental Neuroscience
CBNS 125 Neuropharmacology
CBNS 126 Neuroscience of Learning and Memory
CBNS 127 Behavioral Control Systems
CBNS 128 Immunology
CBNS 129 Brain Control of Bodily Functions
CBNS 130L Computational Neuroscience Laboratory…
CBNS 150 Cancer Biology
CBNS 165 Stem Cell Biology



BIEN 115 Quantitative Physiology
BIEN 120 Biosystems and Signal Analysis
BIEN 125 Biotechnology and Molecular Bioengineering
BIEN 136 Tissue Engineering
BIEN 137 Advanced Biomechanics
BIEN 138 Fundamental Principles of Wound Repair
BIEN 142 Introductory Biomedical Optical Imaging
BIEN 159 Dynamics of Biological Systems
BIEN 160 Biomedical Imaging
BIEN 165 Bimolecular Engineering
BIEN 167 Medical Diagnostics


School of Public Policy

PBPL 155 Women’s Labor and the Economy
PBPL 170 Technology, Policy, and Ethics





BIEN 220 Chemical Genomics Design Studio
BIEN 223 Engineering Analysis of Physiological…
BIEN 224 Cellular and Molecular Engineering
BIEN 227 Biophotonics: Laser-Tissue Interactions…
BIEN 228 Biophotonics: Optical Diagnosis and…
BIEN 234 Orthopedic Regenerative Engineering and…
BIEN 235 Vascular Biomechanics and Engineering
BIEN 236 Nanomaterials for Regenerative Medicine
BIEN 237 Medical Diagnostics
BIEN 242 Advanced Biomedical Optical Imaging
BIEN 272 Special Topics in Biomaterials and Tissue…
BIEN 273 Special Topics in Regenerative Engineering…
BIEN 274 Special Topics in Endothelial Biomedicine


School of Medicine

MDCL 232 Cardio, Renal & Resp SciencesI
MDCL 233 Gastro, Endocrine & Repro Hlth I
MDCL 234 Musculoskeletal Medicine
MDCL 235 Clinical Neurosciences I
MDCL 237 Cardio, Renal & Resp Sciences II
MDCL 238 Gastro, Endocrine & Repro Health II
MDCL 239 Clinical Neurosciences II
MDCL 240 Integrative Human Biol & Disease

Cell, Molecular & Developmental Biology

CMDB 204 Genome Maintenance and Stability
CMDB 206 Gene Silencing
CMDB 207 Stem Cell Biology and Disease
CMDB 208 Bioethics
CMDB 211 Laboratory in Human Embryonic Stem…
CMDB 256 Seminar in Stem Cell Biology


Neuroscience & Psychology

NRSC/PSYC 200A Fundamentals of Neuroscience
NRSC/PSYC 200B Fundamentals of Neuroscience
NRSC/PSYC 200C Fundamentals of Neuroscience
NRSC 201 Neuroscience Laboratory
NRSC 210 Computational Neurobiology: Introduction…

PSYC 207A Theories in Developmental Psychology
PSYC 262 Developmental Biopsychology
PSYC 265 Auditory Neuroscience


School of Public Policy

PBPL 222 Ethics, Professionalism and the Normative…
PBPL 271 Racial Inequality in Politics and Policy



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